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kingdombishie's Journal

Kingdom Of Bishie
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The Rules Desu!!!

Alright......Welcome the Kingdom of Bishie!!!!!

1. You may Claim to 5 characters

2. Make sure you check the list before you make a claim

3. Claims maybe from Anime, Games, Manga, Movie, and TV Shows

4. Make sure you give the full names of the characters. Both English and Japanese

5. You must stay as a member if you want to keep your claims. If you leave or delete your journals, your claims will be dropped. But if you want to keep your claims, let us know before anything happens

6. You may drop your claim at anytime but make don't do it all the time.

7. No Complaining, No Bashing, or anything Disrespecting here if one of your characters have been claimed here.

8. Also here's : Claim Here is my Bishie! Hands off!!! kingdombishie

Okay Have Fun Everyone^^

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